Beware of Card Phishing Scam

  • We want to be sure that you have heard about a newly configured and highly dangerous computer virus known as Zeus. This is a trojan horse designed to steal data from U.S banking customers through online payment protection programs, such as MasterCard SecureCode or Verified by Visa.

  • MasterCard SecureCode is a complimentary online security service providing an extra level of protection to you when you make online purchases with your debit card. Normally, you would enter a predetermined PIN during checkout at participating online merchants when prompted by 1st National Bank of Scotia.

  • With the Zeus virus, you receive an identical screen with the MasterCard SecureCode logo, however the phishing page will ask for more information than your SecureCode PIN. For example, you would be asked for your Social Security number, and PIN associated with your debit card.

  • By entering the additional information on the phishing page, the attackers now have all pertinent information to carry out credit card fraud, including online transactions through MasterCard SecureCode.

  • Zeus is a very powerful and professionally designed program. 1st National Bank of Scotia would like to remind you we would never ask for personal information such as your Social Security number or checking account number. The Bank has this information on file.

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