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1st National Bank of Scotia Participates in Energy Star Program

Community Banks Continue to Make a Difference in the Community

Scotia, NY (April 19, 2010) - In honor of Earth Day, 1st National Bank of Scotia is proud to recognize its participation in the New York Energy $mart program, a public benefit that provides financial institutions a special lending program for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

This special lending program is a Residential Loan Fund Program offering eligible borrowers an interest rate reduction up to 4.0% or 400 basis points less than normal market interest rates, on loans up to $20,000. These loans are often referred to as NYSERDA (New York State Energy Research and Development Authority) Loans and can be used for various projects in the residential, commercial, transportation and environment areas.

“Every day community banks work hard to improve the communities where we live and work”, said John Buhrmaster, President of 1st National Bank of Scotia. “Through the NYSERDA Loan program 1st National has a unique opportunity to provide customers the opportunity to make energy efficient projects come to life, and celebrate Earth Day every day at a fraction of the cost.”

To learn more about NYSERDA loans and the New York Energy Smart Program, visit or contact 1st National Bank of Scotia (518) 370-7200.

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