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ICBA and 1st National Bank of Scotia Recognize Importance of Financial Literacy during Community Banking Month

Community Bankers Are Relationship Lenders and Financial Life Partners

Scotia, NY (April 25, 2012) - 1st National Bank of Scotia is teaming with the Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA), state and local governments, and other community banks nationwide in celebrating April as both Community Banking Month and Financial Literacy Month. 1st National Bank of Scotia wants all consumers to recognize the importance of financial literacy and what it means to be a knowledgeable and empowered consumer.

1st National Bank of Scotia has an ongoing commitment to improving financial literacy and is proud to partner with area schools throughout the year to help educate thousands of students. A unique partnership with the Scotia-Glenville Traveling Museum has provided area elementary schools a program designed to teach the three basic principles of money management through an activity-based presentation. 1st National also expanded its financial literacy program to area high school students through the Junior Achievement Program. Bank employees teach classes on the loan underwriting process, compound interest and the benefits of personal budgets and savings plans.

“The development of financial literacy in our youth is essential in securing good spending habits for future generations and key to our country’s financial success,” John Buhrmaster, President, 1st National Bank of Scotia said. “Taking care of our customers and community is ingrained in the way community banks conduct their business.”

Buhrmaster went on to say that he encourages consumers to find their local community bank if they haven’t already. “It’s important to have a financial partner who wants you to succeed, and at a community bank like ours, we work with you to do just that.”

To find your community bank, visit ICBA’s Community Bank Locator at Simply type in your ZIP code and the app will show you all the community banks in your area. You can even download free ICBA locator apps for your iPhone, Android or BlackBerry.

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